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Presson’s furniture makes it easier for you to make the choices of the AV-project and conceptualizing the meeting room environment. You can select suitable furniture based on the size or purpose of the environment –  We at Presson will help you to move forward by telling you what else is needed to complete the environment.

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AV Design

It is vital that our customers know what the end result will look like already at the beginning of the project. The process is simple: we’ll provide you with a quote and the solutions you’ve selected in plain language. If something remains unclear, we are glad to assist you, so you don’t have to worry about what kind of premises you’ll be getting.

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AV Projects

All of our projects include turnkey solutions with a full quality guarantee. The projects include equipment installation, adjustment and finalization, everything performed by Presson. We finalize all our installation projects. The rooms are ready to be used and in mint condition when we are finished.


Office space projects

Choose Presson and you won’t need any other service providers. We manage the AV projects of office spaces from start to finish: we design and carry out projects and guarantee the quality and functionality of the end product. Ease of use is a standard feature when you choose Presson.

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Repairs and maintenance

Don’t worry about the operability of your rooms, we’ll take care of it! We’ll provide you with a quote concerning repairs and maintenance upon all deliveries. We look after your conference rooms and perform all maintenance work according to plans. Your rooms will be looked after at a reasonable and pre-defined cost and with easy communication.

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Brands selected by us

We have selected only the best available brands with a proven track record in order to ensure the functionality and uniform usability of our rooms. Our strong expertise and long-term cooperation with these brands guarantee the functionality and high quality of the AV packages of your office areas.