Project Description


Vainu moved to new premises and decided for the first time to invest in technology for meeting facilities.

”Presson made things very easy for me right from the beginning”

– says Vainu head of finance Sami Kekäläinen.

Presson supplied Vainu with meeting technology for a total of seven meeting spaces and two special spaces. A large mobile screen was located in the meeting space for customers. Large staff events are held in the lounge area, and there are ceiling microphones and remote telecommunications connections.

Ceiling microphones were a great option in the lounge, as staff events involve remote connections worldwide. No one has to run to grab a microphone or go to the front of the room when it’s their turn to speak.

“A ceiling microphone system is an unbelievable invention. It was not cheap, but it’s brilliantly suited for our purposes”

– Kekäläinen says.

Maintenance contracts: a great idea

The decision to buy a complete package from Presson was easy, according to Kekäläinen. Presson stood out from its competitors in several ways, e.g. by offering a clear overall package.

“Presson offered a total package. It included not only hardware, technology and installation, but also a maintenance contract. This was important for me as head of finance, as it’s actually a good thing from a budgeting point of view”

“At first, I was going to be strict with budgeting and not take the maintenance contract, but Presson stood its ground and managed to persuade me that the contract was a good idea. Now, I’m pleased that I changed my mind”

– Kekäläinen continues with a smile.

Presson’s total service is the priority for Vainu

Presson’s professionalism was also reflected in the fact that the salesperson was able to plan and offer Vainu a package that suited their specific needs.

“Presson made things very easy for me right from the beginning. The salesperson presented options in different cost categories and knew how to be persuasive, as a good salesperson should be”

“In general, companies today don’t have dedicated resources that would cover the cost of technology for meeting facilities – and neither did we. We want someone else to be responsible for it and to take care of it on our behalf. That’s the number one thing”

– Kekäläinen says.