Project Description

Lindström Invest

In an effort to offer positive negotiation experiences, Lindström Invest renewed all of its conference rooms in the Lindström House office building.

So far, Presson has taken part in projects involving five conference rooms between 2009 and 2011. In addition, seven rooms at the Rantatie Business Park have been renovated in 2010 and 2011. Lindström Invest’s Managing Director Jouni Puhakka tells about the process in Lindström House:

“We view conference rooms as a key service for our customers and their customers. This means that the rooms must be impressive in every aspect, and the new rooms certainly meet this requirement. We wanted to offer an excellent conference environment and a positive meeting experience that consists of the surrounding area and its decoration, furniture, technology and ergonomics. We wanted every room to have a unique look, and the modernization of AV technology became a natural part of this project.”

“The Lindström House’s negotiation rooms were constructed in a major restructuring in 2003 and equipped with screens and projectors from that era. We felt the need to modernize the reasonably acceptable conference room environment one room at a time.”

What issues did your conference rooms have that needed to be solved?

“Several rooms had a poor level of ergonomics. Our rooms are high and the projectors were installed in the ceiling, so everyone had to look at presentations with a crooked neck. We were discussing how the interior should be decorated when we stumbled upon Presson’s services. The primary area of development is ergonomics, and particularly the aspect that people and visual communication can be on the same physical level. We also wanted to be able to hide the technology in the conference room when it was not required. On the other hand, as the technology is readily available, it sends a message of the high quality of the conference room and that the customer’s needs have been taken into account.”

What has already been done?

“The process is still going on. We have now completed updating the AV technology of five conference rooms with Presson. We want this process to advance in phases in order to show our customers continuous development. Everything has gone as agreed. We will modernize one room more at the Lindström House with Presson this year.”

“There is really nothing to complain about the technology. In the past, the projector didn’t identify connected computers properly, but the modern technology has solved this issue, which is a major improvement for us.”

Have you received feedback?

“We have received a lot of feedback, not only from our own customers, for whom all of this has been done, but also from the customers of our customers. A CEO once told us that their customer was enthralled by this technology. It certainly attracts attention.”

“In my opinion, one of the best experiences is to introduce the conference room to someone and watch them as they pull out their laptop in order to connect it to the system, realizing that there is no way to hold a presentation. Then you just press the button subtly. It’s a little practical joke.”

To whom would you recommend Presson’s products and services?

“I hope that our competitors won’t find about them! Some things are best kept secret. Nevertheless, the solution is really functional and appropriate for any demanding meeting environment that pays attention to people and uses time and money on decorating the interior. This way, the meeting environment becomes an integral part of the decor. Functional decoration and ergonomics.”