Project Description


Presson carried out projects in 30 conference rooms in the new head office of Handelsbanken.

Presson was selected as a partner due to its straightforward expertise. Presson’s clear and courageous observations made an impression on the customer.

”We weren’t allowed to make bad choices”

– Kristiina Markelin, Henkilöstöjohtaja.

In spring 2017, Presson was involved in a project that included 30 conference rooms in the new head office of Handelsbanken. The main objective was to ensure the rooms’ functionality and ease of use and the usability of the rooms was also required to be harmonious. This was made possible by Presson’s presentation furniture. Handelsbanken’s previous displays and teleconference equipment were also used in the project.

The project was carried out successfully within schedule. The customer was pleased with Presson’s professional employees.

After six months of using the rooms, the customer was satisfied with the rooms and their usability.

“We’ve had some troubles with broken cables and issues with displays not turning on, but progress has been made”

summarizes Kristiina.

Despite these minor setbacks, the customer would still choose Presson again if they had to do everything again from the beginning:

“We are satisfied with the services provided by Presson. I would, and I have recommended them for other companies”

– Kristiina Markelin.