User-friendly conference room technology

Meetings with customers and employees are the modern equivalent of ancient tribal gatherings. These gatherings brought the chiefs and residents of a village together to discuss current matters around a bonfire. Tribal gatherings as well as meeting rooms and conference rooms are typically located in a central and spectacular location. In addition, the rooms need to be impressive and include the required properties.

In addition to attractiveness and cleanliness, at least an equally important element is the usability of an area and the uniform usability of different areas. The efficiency of meetings becomes more crucial from middle management upwards, as up to two days a week can be spent in meetings. Besides preparing for a meeting appropriately, the ease of use of the rooms can also increase the efficiency of meetings by decreasing the time spent on wondering how everything works.

Integrating the technology into furniture creates stylish and impressive solutions that enable hiding and displaying the technology with the press of a button. Investing in usability and its consistency also saves considerable time and inhibits frustration. Presson’s technological conference room solutions are easy to use for both the elderly and the young. Any room can be controlled with a single control panel, and all the cables can be embedded into desks.

“Who knows how these devices work, am I right?”

How many times has a scenario occurred where the video feed is not available or a customer wants to connect their MacBook to a display, but the required cable is nowhere to be found? Far too often. These scenarios are not due to the type of computer to be connected, but to the lacking properties of the room, and no one wants to waste time on such matters.

Conference rooms can either be places where you become frustrated and try to explain yourself or offer an opportunity to succeed! Whenever decisions are due or a customer must be impressed, the technology of the surrounding environment must work effortlessly and the user must be in control. Presson’s technological solutions are easy to use for everyone and provide all users with an opportunity to succeed.

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