Conference room modernization tips

A significant part of our working days is spent on various meetings, discussions and conferences. Some of us engage frequently in such meetings while some of us do so to a lesser extent, but interacting with each other cannot be avoided. This is why workplaces need to be equipped with premises that serve their purpose. It is not enough that the areas simply exist, but their equipment and furniture must accommodate the meetings taking place in them. Here are eight tips on how to boost the efficiency of a conference room.

1 Surveying the purpose of use

Everything begins with identifying the current and future purpose of the room. This enables acquiring the correct audiovisual and furniture solutions. A 20-person meeting room often requires different equipment than a room designed for small work groups. Is the room intended to accommodate work in a small group? Presson offers a free AV survey for conference rooms and business premises that included surveying the needs and possibilities of a room.

2 Usability

Even the conference rooms with the simplest purpose must be sufficiently easy to use for everyone. Ease of use needs to be a standard, and if there are more rooms, it is recommended that the level of usability is the same in each room. Presson’s presentation furniture, all-in-one control panels and AV installations enable creating very user-friendly and uniform solutions for all rooms.

3 Furniture

Most conference and meeting rooms require a certain degree of audiovisual technology for presenting and illustrating the subject matter. Stylish Presson furniture enables you to hide the technology inside the furniture whenever necessary. Mobile furniture allows you to move displays, speakers and all other technological equipment to an entirely different area.

4 Displays

Displays are often the second most important part of a room after the table. It is a good idea to position the displays so that everyone in the room can see the presentation. Presson’s display furniture and complete installations provide you with stylish and elegant solutions, without any cables, if necessary. This improves and boosts your user experience and presentations.

5 Cables

Wireless technological solutions are becoming increasingly common, but cables are still often required. Presson’s cable interface systems enable everyone to access mounted electricity outlets easily and effortlessly. AV installations can be performed either by leaving all cables unconcealed or with the Presson method that elegantly integrates technology in the room and hides all cables.

6 Adaptability

It is worth it to design your rooms to serve more purposes than one, while the possible future applications of the room should also be taken into account. Installing technology into mobile furniture removes the need for fixed installations. Large areas can be divided into several smaller meeting areas with their individual technological solutions that can also work together.

7 Finishing touches

It is far too common that the installations of a meeting or conference room have been performed so that the technology is functional, but the cables remain on the floor or hang from the displays and the room is left uncleaned. Conference rooms are not only used by your employees, but also by your guests and customers, which means that the rooms need to be comfortable and also attractive. Presson provides turnkey AV solutions that guarantee that the rooms are ready to be used immediately after the installation work and that the cables and technology have been appropriately and elegantly installed.

8 Repairs and maintenance

New conference rooms have been ordered, installed and taken into use. What to do when something breaks down or a display doesn’t show the required image? Presson provides its customers with meeting and conference room management and maintenance services that ensure that the functionality and modernization of the rooms remain in safe hands.

Please contact us if you want to apply these tips! We are glad to help!