DNA House

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Presson Oy has designed and furnished all of DNA headquarter’s conference rooms.

Located in the Metsälä district of Helsinki, the new DNA headquarters finished construction in the summer of 2012. They were part of DNA’s office space reorganization that had the objective to create offices encouraging workers to be inspired, flexible, and diverse in their work habits. Not any small task considering that over 500 people work in these offices.

YIT was in charge of the office building construction using Paula Jaatinen Parviainen from Arkkitehdit Oy as the head architect. dSign Vertti Kivi & Co supervised the interior design while Presson Oy designed and installed all of the conference room AV-systems.  

There were four criteria for the conference room AV-design: 1) it must be cost-effective, 2) it must be stylishly modern, 3) the systems must be easy-to-use, 4) the systems must be usable in the future, too. The customers CoffeeTable 2needs were determined through several face-to-face meetings with the users themselves. These brainstorming meetings gave as many of the workers as possible an opportunity to contribute their ideas to achieve a good result. After a long conceptualization period, the idea of DNA’s Vakio was born. A standard functional conference room that has the same format that can be easily copied throughout all of DNA’s offices, from Helsinki to those in Oulu or wherever else. Before DNA’s headquarters were finished, Presson Oy had produced VAKIO conference rooms in two of DNA office centers so that DNA’s own staff could test and collect user experience from this new concept. By using only the successful solutions, it was easy to transfer the design to a final product.

Presson Oy has implemented different types of meeting rooms in DNA from quiet rooms(2-3 people) up to an auditorium(157 people). In order to reach all 500+ employees at the same time, both video and sound are transmitted to the cafeteria from the auditorium on the other side of the building.

Additionally, Presson Oy created a digital signage system that serves all of DNA’s offices in Finland.