valio1The biggest problem in Valio’s headquarter conference rooms were the cables. “When we were renovating our conference rooms, we decided to get rid of the cable dilemma once and for all,” said Jussi Domin, Valio’s Head of Property Management. “We understood that we could not cope by ourselves. The problem was that no matter how well the cables were organised, at the end of the day, they were in a mess again. Giving instructions was no help, the cables had a tendency to get tangled whenever the meeting rooms were used.”

“We noticed that the cables were a continual headache if we did not do something to keep them organized. We have common areas like lobbies, auditoriums, classrooms and then these 10 person meeting rooms. We started with the meeting rooms. Now we are doing the conference rooms, where new requirements have emerged like a complete AV-system including sound and picture. Development has consequently broadened.”

“We have renovated 6 meeting rooms and 2 classrooms in our headquarters. There are still 6 meeting rooms being redesigned.  At first we were only thinking to refurnish the rooms, but then we decided to also update the cables and AV-technology.”

Did you get a solution for your problem?

“The schedule has kept and primarily everything has gone well. The implementation has gone as planned. The whole process has gone extremely well and on a positive note in very good spirits. All of the requirements and problems have been taken care of.”

Have you received any feedback?

“Our most recent interior design solutions and the new, fresh look have received positive comments. We experienced another success in that our cable dilemma has been solved and our classrooms updated AV-technology has been received positively.”

“A few new pieces of furniture have been made for our largest classrooms. They have been integrated into the older furniture by making a hole in the tabletop and placing the tech-furniture under the table.  No real complaints have been heard, even though a few have wanted longer cables, the present ones have been long enough.”

“We have been very pleased with the technical equipment. One of the most likely reasons for this renovation was the relatively low cost. The price tag has remained within its limits in relation to the facelift and interior decoration. However, we are in the vicinity of 50/50 when comparing the price of the AV-devices and technology to the rooms wallpapering and interior design.”

Who would you recommend Presson’s products and services for?

“I would recommend these for companies similar to ours who have conference rooms,  class rooms, a need for working equipment in their rooms, or just neatness and organization.”

What is the feeling now?

“The general atmosphere is almost even enthusiastic - I’ve had to say calm down and stick to the plan so that things don’t get out of hand. There has been a little agitation in the air after one area has been successfully updated, all other areas should be quickly updated.”

“The word has gotten out to our other offices also. We have renovated our offices in Vanta and some of our other offices have called asking how we resolved different problems. Apparently some kind of table furniture has already been delivered.”