Presson hops on the path of education

 Presson luokanopettajat

A corporate logo on student coveralls is one of the best known and identifiable sponsorships between a student and a business.

Presson’s logo can be found on the coveralls of Tampere’s school teacher students. “Finland’s school teacher curriculum has a very high standard and is internationally acclaimed. It is important to us that high quality teaching is available in the future, and for this reason we wanted to support school teacher students early in their studies,” sums up Hannu Iljanto.


Tampere’s school teacher students started their academic year in September with the basics of Pedagogy and topical studies. There were orientation studies before this at the end of August. The degree takes 5 years to complete and includes a 3 year Baccalaureate period and 2 year Masters period. After graduation, the students become school teachers.