Presson Cabin70+


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Cabin70Presson Cabin70+ Display furniture brings a clean and consistant style into the meeting room at a touch of a button. 

Presson Cabin70+ display furniture changes with the needs of the user. On the side of the furniture there are two separate toggles. One is for controlling the height of the display and the other is for lifting the socle to reveal the furniture’s wheels for easier positioning.  Presson Cabin70+  has a stationary look and feel although it is designed to be easily moved.

Generally, large meeting rooms have projectors which are fixed to a single direction and point of view. This restricts the possibilities of using the space flexibly and creatively. Presson Cabin 70+ display furniture removes these restrictions by allowing the room to be rearranged according to the needs at hand. The display must be in the lowered position when changing the furniture’s position.

Presson Cabin 70+ can be installed wherever you want e.g. at the end of a table. It can be an integral part of a new meeting room or an enhancement to an older one. Best of all, it always looks good and is not technology dependent.

Display furniture for adaptable, versatile, and flexible meeting rooms along with receptions, expos and conference meeting halls.


Default color White
Width (mm) 2000
Height (mm) 700
 Display max. lift height is 700-900 mm from the bottom of the display to the top of the base unit (depending on the size of the display).
Depth (mm) 700
Weight (kg) 120
Wheels included  
Lift control Toggle, AV-integration (contact closure)
Display size 70"-95"
Price starting at €6490 vat 0%


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